Organic Alchemy

an international yoga school

Immersive journeys around the world

We welcome you to unique and authentic locations around the world, from Paris to Barcelona, India and soon Mexico. Our immersive journeys are timeless spaces in which to immerse yourself in an exploration of the self in the world. We offer a range of packages to support you every step of the way.

intentions focused on body experience and self-discovery

We share yoga in an approach between tradition and modernity, with the desire to accompany the rhythms of life and expectations of today’s West, while honoring the history of another paradigm in the East.

We pay homage to the cradle of India, in awareness of its millennia-old origins, and in all humility in the face of what has yet to be discovered, at the source of this fabulous discipline that is yoga.

Yoga is a path of initiation on which we accompany you step by step, heart to heart.

Self-discovery is the greatest gift you can give yourself: the discovery of your sensations, thoughts and emotions through physical experience and study.

Our mission is to transmit teachings relating to the culture of yoga in order to develop your personal practice, to connect you to yourself and to the world around you.

a unique experience

Each of our yoga courses offers a solid and rigorous foundation, so that each individual can develop his or her own identity. In order to best adapt to your needs, and with a view to pedagogical research, our training courses are offered in modules.

Our physical approach is based on three key principles:

  • The search for sensation to transcend illusion,
  • Fluidity, especially in transitions with lots of play on the wave,
  • Poetry, with a dreamlike universe to take you on a journey inside.

As for theoretical practice, study and the spiritual aspect, our experience in India enables us to present you with an incarnated vision of this other paradigm of life, and we thus engage in deep reflection to give more meaning to our lives.

Our 200-hour professional training is the best way to improve your yoga practice at all levels.

You’ll also receive personalized support to help you find the best way to benefit from our curriculum. Last but not least, our value-rich Organic Alchemy community and our network of teachers and alumni will make your trip a unique and unforgettable experience.

Engage in this introspective process to land softly within and soar voluptuously. We’re working to find our place in the world so we can better share what drives us. Whether you’re looking for continuing education or modular training, there’s no better reason to start this unique adventure with Organic Alchemy School.

The Organic Alchemy team

The Organic Alchemy yoga school was created by Maricha Dumont and Ola Jas, who combined their respective backgrounds – academic and rigorous on the one hand, artistic and playful on the other – to form an exciting joint project. With confidence and experience, they share their passion for yoga and invite students to travel within themselves and around the world. They develop modules on subjects they are passionate about and collaborate with exceptional speakers to offer the best to their students, and are constantly renewing themselves along the way.

ola jas

Founder and teacher

Ola discovered yoga as a way of awakening the intellect to another form of intelligence – emotional, sensory and bodily – in the practice of an art of living. For her, yoga is an aspiration to touch the essence of things, a stimulus to seek out the magic that can perfume daily life and open the heart. She uses various forms of embodiment, such as asanas, dance, acroyoga and massage. She encourages every student to be confident on the yoga mat and in everyday life, whether in the corporate world or at “conscious” festivals around the world. For her, connecting with the breath is a way of discovering something greater than oneself, and transforms movement into poetry.

maricha dumont

Founder and teacher

For Maricha, the practice of yoga really begins when life becomes difficult. She has experienced this from an early age and, thanks to the concept of alchemy, has learned to see every trial or event in a new light, to bring out the power that lies dormant in all of us. As a professional dancer with the Paris Opera Ballet, she discovered yoga during a trip to India. Since then, she has returned time and again to this land to study philosophy, ayurveda and obtain certifications in yoga teaching (Ashtanga, Hatha and Vinyasa). Her aim is to help students see that life’s greatest trials can become our greatest strengths, and that happiness is a choice. By combining the power of movement with the experience of breathing, it helps practitioners move through physical and emotional transitions with grace and fluidity. For her, alchemy in yoga is a unique experience of reconnection and transformation, where the beauty lies in finding one’s way in all presence. That’s what being an alchemist is all about.

the parisian amazons

A collective of women and artists

Les Amazones Parisiennes is a collective of women and artists partnering Organic Alchemy, committed to a quest for modern knowledge and ancient traditions to meet contemporary needs and the challenges of the city. This community offers a space where everyone can find themselves, question themselves, support each other and move forward on their life path by exploring how to lead a happy life full of vitality. The Amazones Parisiennes are convinced that we go further together than alone, which is why this collective is open to men too.

As partners of Organic Alchemy, Les Amazones Parisiennes share their commitment to a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. By exploring tools within reach, they seek to help their members embody themselves a little more fully, responding to their current needs while drawing on ancestral traditions.

This community offers an opportunity for artists to connect with like-minded people and develop their art in a supportive and inspiring environment. For members, Les Amazones Parisiennes is a meeting place where they can create authentic, lasting bonds, feel supported in their personal journey and explore new life perspectives.

our graduates

Their testimonies
  • I had the great pleasure of training with Maricha Dumont in Yin Yoga ( among others 😉😍 ) and I can say with all my heart that this training was totally transformative! As passionate as she is passionate, Maricha expertly transmits the practice, the approach to anatomy and the philosophy of Yin yoga, while giving us the keys to be able to transmit it to others. You come away so rich and with the knowledge to share Yin Yoga. Maricha also urges us to continue our own exploration of this philosophy of life and remains totally available afterwards if we have any questions. I’ve been giving courses for a year and a half now and every time I have thoughts about what we’ve seen during the training and reflections that feed into my sessions. I wholeheartedly recommend this course!

    Guenael Dumur
    25H Yin
  • I took the 50h yin yoga course last winter and it was a real bubble of gentleness and learning. It’s very comprehensive, and the lessons given are precise, concrete and reassuring. Then you’re ready to share your passion for yin with others! I’ve also had some wonderful encounters, full of humanity. This gentle yoga practice is a source of daily well-being, and the kindness of the yoga teacher who teaches it, Maricha, makes this course a pure joy!

    Hermine Guilbeau
    25H Yin
  • I took the Organic Alchemy School’s Yin Yoga training in October 2021 with Maricha and was enchanted by the teaching! Maricha’s teaching is incredible and brilliantly balanced between the technical (postures, introduction to TCM…) and the more subtle, spiritual aspects. 50 hours of learning, practice, meetings and exchanges. Thanks to this training, I’ve been able to teach Yin Yoga in companies, studios and private lessons. Thank you again, and I recommend this course to anyone wishing to discover, deepen or teach Yin Yoga.

    Charlotte Halard
    25H Yin

Training & Retreats

Discover our different yoga programs and immersions to deepen your practice and become a certified yoga teacher. We offer complete 200h and 300h training courses, as well as 25h and 50h modules that you can follow à la carte. All our training courses are delivered face-to-face, sometimes with the option of Zoom digital training for greater flexibility.

Our 25h and 50h modules are designed to meet your specific yoga needs. You can follow them independently of the full training courses, in Paris, France. We are constantly inspired to create new modules to offer you a complete and immersive yoga experience.

Our 200-hour modular training courses run every year from February to June, including a 10-day immersion period. You can also opt for the 200-hour intensive training course in October and November every two years, followed by a 21-day immersion in the magnificent Amara Valley in Spain. Our 300h modular training course also runs every year from February to June, including a 10-day immersion in Rishikesh, India.

training 200h


4 modules de 25h obligatoires

  • Yoga in modern life
  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Sequencing and teaching
  • A viable and passionate company


immersion espagne

  • Journey into an intense yogic lifestyle (kryias, asanas, chanting, philosophy and introspection)

300h training


4 modules de 25h obligatoires

  • Adjustments
  • Pranayama
  • Meditation
  • Philosophy


choix d'une option

1 Module of 50h (2 weekends) or 2 separate Modules of 25h each:
  • Yin 50h
  • Acro 50h
  • Pre/post natal 25h
  • Thai massage 25h
  • Nidra 25h


immersion inde

(100h face-to-face abroad and 50h online preparation and follow-up)
  • Immersive journey
  • Advanced practice
  • Cultural tours

At Organic Alchemy, we believe that learning yoga is a personal process, unique to each individual. That’s why we’re here to help you find the right formula for your career, whether it’s a two- or three-year course.

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