Colette Poggi

Guest of honor

Indianist-Sanskritist, specialist in Abhinavagupta and Kashmir ShivaismColette Poggi has been researching Kashmiri Shivaism and Indian philosophies since the start of her university studies at Aix-en-Provence, where she studied German literature and civilization on the one hand, and Indian studies and Sanskrit on the other.

Today, she teaches Indian religious and pilosophical thought at various university centers in Lyon, Montpellier and Marseille, as well as Sanskrit. She also works at the Musée Guimet (Asian Arts) in Paris. As part of her research on Kashmiri Shivaism, she defended a first doctorate in 1986 (Aix-Marseille), published in 2000 by Éditions des Deux Océans under the title Les œuvres de vie selon Maître Eckhart et Abhinavagupta, dealing in particular with Art as a path to liberationD. in Comparative Philosophy (Paris IV Sorbonne, 1994), presenting a translation of a philosophical text by Abhinavagupta (X-XIth century), to be published by Almora under the title La Voie de la Reconnaissance intérieure dans le Shivaïsme du Cachemire. She is also the author of Le Sanskrit, Souffle et Lumière: Voyage au coeur de la langue sacrée de l’Inde, (Almora, 2012).

Today, she teaches Indian religious and philosophical thought at various centers, and we’re honored to have her as a teacher at our Organic Alchemy school.