Caroline Nagel

Founder of Les Amazones Parisiennes

From an early age, Caroline felt a calling to explore ancestral spiritual practices from the four corners of the globe.

Originally from Switzerland, she spent several years training in India in the various facets of yoga, exploring the benefits of Ayurvedic medicine. He learned the art of contemplation and breath control from Tibetan monks.

In Latin America, she discovered the incredible power of shamanic rituals and the power of the group.
From these initiatory journeys, Caroline draws a series of powerful teachings, while remaining firmly convinced that every encounter, every everyday exchange can be a source of learning.

“We are all keys and locks for each other”.

A philosophy as simple as it is profound, which she embodies and generously shares on her Instagram account.

Returning to Paris in 2016, she created her heart’s tribe “ Les Amazones Parisiennes “, a holistic incubator whose mission is to bring everyone’s talent to light.

Women’s circles in Paris, retreats in Ibiza, training courses in India: their know-how is deployed, individually or in synergy, all over the world and online.

Strengthened by her personal and spiritual journey and her three pregnancies, she now opens spaces for teaching and sharing, combining martial arts, aquatic practices, energy cleansing and rituals to reconnect with the cycle of nature.

By acting not only on the physical body, but also on the overall homeostasis of the energetic bodies, Caroline takes each practice a step further in the service of deep, lasting soothing.

Now settled with her family on the highly vibratory island of Ibiza, she deploys her know-how through à la carte events, retreats, coaching and training with a single objective: to connect each individual who crosses her path to their deepest alignment.

Les Amazones Parisiennes & Organic Alchemy Yoga is a story of friendship, love, yoga and a caring community.


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