Maëva Duverger

OA 500+ graduate

After a decade of practicing Hatha Yoga, Elvira has explored and continues to
explore different styles: Kashmir yoga, Sound yoga, Kundalini yoga, Yin yoga, Anubhava yoga, etc.

All these different teachings and sensibilities converge in the yoga she teaches.
transmits: the postural sequences proposed lead to awareness and
listening to sensations and the flow of breath.

In this listening, the moment becomes presence, posture an exploration of the body’s inner and outer space.
For several years now, she has been learning Sanskrit (Indian grammar and thought) from Colette Poggi: her practice has been enriched over time by this in-depth study of the founding texts of yoga in their original language.

A development that testifies to the vitality of this discipline, perfectly balanced between tradition and modernity.