our vision

  • Understand the different facets of the world and of reality by linking
    between tradition and modernity.
  • To share the teachings of yoga , which enable each individual to acquire the tools necessary for self-realization, by encouraging study, reflection and experimentation with the possibilities of existence.
  • Encourage self-exploration and self-discovery to reveal vitality and authenticity.

our mission

  • Individual – Encouraging self-expression through practice, to create perspective and harmony through a distinctive quality of Presence.
  • Collective – To create a community of practitioners and teachers with a broad knowledge of yoga and experience of its physical, technical, philosophical and energetic aspects.

registrations open

training courses for 2024 and 2025!

Whatever your level of practice, choose the option that best accompanies you on your yoga path.
Our prerequisite for your participation is the motivation to explore this way of life that is yoga.
Our training courses are delivered face-to-face in Paris (French) and Barcelona (Spanish), although some modules are available online.
Between tradition and modernity, academic study and experimentation, our approach is in line with the dynamics of yoga, itself a force for change and transformation.

The 5 pillars of the Organic Alchemy school

a community


From our certified students
  • Much more than an immersion, it’s a journey into a world apart, a magical, vibrant bubble. A journey for oneself, through oneself and within a group carried along by the benevolence and joie de vivre of 2 wonderful guides. A concentrate of the best of India. A high-quality, comprehensive training program that embraces the full richness of the yoga embodied by Ola and Maricha in all their essence. We return from this timeless parenthesis nourished, in a better version of ourselves, ready to spread the magic of yoga to ourselves and those around us.

    Amélie Dubois
  • More than just yoga training, this immersion was an opportunity to experience the magic of India in all its multiplicity, where philosophy and religion merge, where devotion is present at every moment. The immersion was of an incredible quality, thanks to the wealth of speakers who gave us an Indian approach to yoga. We had enough free time to make our own experiences. A powerful yet simple return to our roots, magically orchestrated by Ola and Maricha, where everything flows like the waters of the Ganges.

    Marion Anquez
  • A trip to India is a journey of self-discovery. It means putting down what you think you know, and letting yourself be carried along. By life. By sound. By the waves. Under the guidance of Maricha and Ola, experts in modern-day maieutics. It’s joining a life experience, and the feeling of being surrounded by loved ones. Simply, thank you.

    Cozette Bidault

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