Cozette Bidault

OA 500+ graduate
Like many people in the West, Cozette started yoga after experiencing physical pain. It was at the age of 23, with tired knees and a sore back, that she decided to walk through the door of Happy Shala in Grenoble. She meets Yoga, for a change that goes beyond that of her physical body.
Life used to pass before her like a dream in which she felt she wasn’t really participating. But as she straightens her body, in the truest sense of the word, she begins to live again. So, after 10 years of searching, it became obvious to him: share this path with others. It was at this point that Cozette decided to train with the Organic Alchemy school in various fields.
Today, Cozette is a graduate of our 500-hour school and continues to train every year to offer you ever more technical and precise yoga. Her sharing will therefore always be rooted in technique, feeling and philosophy, to accompany you in your own self-discovery and learn to live, to awaken.


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