Carol Issa

Karing Kaur Sharanya - Kundalini teacher

Carol Issa is a dedicated spiritual teacher, therapist and practitioner who creates safe spaces for self-initiation, healing and self-knowledge.

Carol launched Jivamukti Yoga in Paris in 2010. As an “advanced” teacher, she has mentored teacher training programs in the Jivamukti and Kundalini schools. She has been teaching for 12 years, in many Parisian studios, as well as in Europe, USA & Asia; public master classes, workshops (Bali Spirit Yoga Festival, Ibiza Conscious Love fest, Chamonix Yoga Festival…) annual retreats and teacher training courses.

Carol also offers individual initiative programs (coaching/orientation, therapy, integrative healing, Amanae emotional treatments and couples therapy, as well as Trauma).

She is recognized for the solidity of her teaching, her open-mindedness, her authenticity, her rigor & her sense of humor. “His” classes are hard-hitting, physically stimulating, emotionally and mentally challenging.”

Carol comes from an artistic and philosophical background as a painter, art director and graphic designer. She teaches Philosophy in several teacher training programs.

Since 2023, Carol Issa has partnered with Organic Alchemy to create and teach a 25-hour Kundalini Yoga module to deepen your practice and share some of the teachings.