Paula Ponce

Certified OA 500+ & Headquarters Organic Alchemy Spain

Her interest in health, well-being and human relationships led Paula to study psychology, specializing in health and clinical psychology with a master’s degree from the University of Barcelona.

In 2018, she began her yoga practice to address her own anxieties. Initially, like many in the West, it focused essentially on its physical aspect (Asana).

She soon realized that yoga is much more than a series of elegant postures or graceful movements; it has a philosophical depth that has inspired many modern therapeutic approaches, unifying physical and mental techniques to achieve tranquility. Since then, she has used this discipline, combined with her knowledge of psychology, to improve her own mental well-being and that of her students.

She studied and practiced in Barcelona, Paris and India, taking both the 200-hour and 300-hour courses with Maricha and Ola at the Organic Alchemy school. She’s so passionate about their approach to yoga that she’s even learned French to immerse herself more fully in their training.

Thanks to this experience, she now has the tools to guide others on a journey of healing and transformation. From Barcelona, she collaborates with Maricha on the Spanish branch of the Organic Alchemy school, offering professional training to future teachers and practitioners in the Castilian version of the 200-hour course.

“It is an honor for me to contribute to this international yoga school that has had a significant impact on my life as a student. My mission is to share all the resources that have helped me understand myself, regulate my emotions, live fully in the present moment and cultivate well-being. I hope yoga can touch your life in a positive way too.”


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