Maricha Dumont

Founder & Teacher

For Maricha, the practice of yoga really begins when life becomes difficult. She has experienced this from an early age and, thanks to the concept of alchemy, she has learned to see every trial or event from a new angle, in order to bring out the power that lies dormant in all of us.

As a professional dancer with the Paris Opera Ballet, she discovered yoga during a trip to India. Since then, she has returned to this land time and again to study philosophy, ayurveda and obtain certifications in yoga teaching (Ashtanga, Hatha and Vinyasa).

Her aim is to help students see that life’s greatest trials can become our greatest strengths, and that happiness is a choice. By combining the power of movement with the experience of breathing, it helps practitioners move through physical and emotional transitions with grace and fluidity.

For her, alchemy in yoga is a unique experience of reconnection and transformation, where the beauty lies in finding one’s way in all presence. That’s what being an alchemist is all about.


Vinyasa 200hrs 100%
Vinyasa 300hrs100%
Yin Yoga100%